Salado Institute Program Archive

Since 1981, more than 200 of the nation's leading scholars have come to Salado  to share their knowledge, including Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, playwright  Edward Albee, writer Kathleen Norris, philosopher Huston Smith, poet Maya  Angelou, psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, Nobel Laureate Betty Williams, actor Lee  Marvin, psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, theologian Elaine Pagels, university  president Donna Shalala, poet Robert Bly, author Liz Carpenter, historian T.H.  Fehrenbach, civic leader Max Cleland, economist John Kenneth Galbraith,  politician Barbara Jordan, philosopher Rollo May, astronaut Story Musgrave, and  many others.

The following is a complete list of past speakers at the Institute and their  topics:
1981  Spring Series: A Visit With The ProfessorApril 21 Liz Carpenter “What Is An Educated Person”

April 26 Wayne Holtzman “Culture, Personality, and Mental Health In the Americas”

May 10 John J. McDermott “The Aesthetic Drama of the Ordinary”

May 24 Tomas Rivera “Life in Search of Form: The Mexican-American Literary Expression”  

1981 Fall Series: Humanities In Perspective

September 19 & 20 Lee Marvin “Humanities In Film”

October 3 & 4 Edmund D. Pellegrino “Encounter With Illness”

October 18 Kay Howe “Men and Women From the Perspective

Of Literature”

November 1 Gaines Post “The Politics of the Humanities”

1982 Spring Series: Reflections Of The Crises of Life

February 21 Sally Provence “Life Crises of The Early Years”

March 7 Ilya Prigogine “Disorder and Order in Cultural Perspective”

March 21 William B. Bean “The Self As Subject”

April 4 Paul Woodruff “The Return of the Soldier”

1982 Fall Symposium: Understanding Vietnam (Oct. 29-31)

October 29 Richard Ellison “Vietnam: A TV History”

October 30 George Herring “On The Tiger’s Back”

October 30 Gen. Douglas Kinnard “The Second Indochina War”

October 30 HarryWilmer “The Healing Nightmare:

October 30 Robert Bly “The War and the Erosion of Male Confidence”

October 30 Walt Rostow “Vietnam and Southeast Asia”

October 31 Philip L. Geyelin “The Vietnam Syndrome”

1983 Spring Series: The Humanities And The Creative Process

February 20 Edmund Pincoffs “Virtue and Vice”

March 6 Steven Weinberg “The End of Everything”

March 20 Decherd Turner “Humanities Research Center; UT’s Treasure; Without It Life Would Go On But It Wouldn’t Be The Same”

April 17 Ronya & George Kozmetsky “Making It Together”

1983 Fall Series: Greater Consciousness Of Human Values

September 18 Lee Marvin and Harry Wilmer “Discussions of People Need People”

October 9 Jean Baker Miller “The Origins of Anger in Women and Men”

October 23 T.R. Fehrenbach “The Seven Keys to Texas”

November 6 Julian Jaynes “In Search of the Origin of Consciousness”

1984 Spring Series: Order and Disorder In The Universe

February 26 John Wheeler “The Risks of Nuclear Energy”

March 11 Jean S. Bolen “Harmony and Order in the Universe”

March 25 Harlan J. Smith “Are We Alone?”

April 8 Frank J. Evans “Dispute Resolution: We Know There Are Better Ways”

1984 Fall Symposium: Texas Myths (Oct. 26-28)

October 26 Johnny Gimble “Texas, My Home”

October 26 Admiral Bobby R. Inman “Emerging Myths of Texas”

October 27 Donald Sandner “What is Mythology?”

October 27 John R. Silber “The Myth Of The Hero”

October 27 Rolando R. Hinojosa-Smith “The Alamo: A Point of View”

October 27 Gregory Curtis “The Alamo: A Point of View”

October 27 Elizabeth A. H. John “The Indian In The Texas Mind: A Formative Tribal Myth”

October 27 Beverly Stoeltje & Richard Bauman “Texas Folklore”

October 28 Don R. Swadley “Emerging Myths”

October 28 Don B. Graham “Media Myths: Texas in the Movies”

1985 Spring Series: Changing Attitudes In Medical Care And The Humanities

March 3 Denton A. Cooley “Changing Attitudes Toward Heart  Transplantation and the Artifical Heart”

March 17 Keith B. Taylor “Changing Attitudes Toward Health Care”

March 31 Eric J. Cassell “The Place of the Humanities in Medicine: Aesthetics and Clinical Judgment”

April 14 H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. “Medicine, Ethics, and Progress:  Reconsidering Our Condition”

1985 Fall Series: My Mother/My Father: The Feminine And The Masculine Spirit

September 29 Mary Catherine Bateson “With a Daughter’s Eye: A Memoir of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson”

October 20 Jerome Kagan “The Power and Limitations of Parents”

November 3 Elisabeth Kubler-Ross “Life, Death and Transition”

November 17 Robert Bly “Fathers and Sons”

1986 Spring Series: A Trinity For Survival

March 9 Walter Herbert “Nathaniel Hawthorne: Psychic and Family Survival”

March 23 Donna Shalala “Keeping the American Dream: A Survival Strategy For Colleges and Universities”

April 6 Peter French “The Future of Hell”

April 20 Norman E. Borlaug “Population and Food”

1986 Fall Series: Coping

October 12 Edgar Heim “Coping With Illness”

October 26 Allan Hobson “Dreaming and the Brain: Can We Find A Signal In The Noise?”

November 9 Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse “Spiritual Development as an Essential  Component Of Healthy Personhood”

November 23 Steven Muller “Physicians for the 21st Century”

1987 Spring Series: Creativity

March 1 Anthony Stevens “Archetypal Foundations of War and Peace”

March 15 Naomi Nye “Discovering Ourselves Through Words”

April 12 Norman Sherry “Confessions of a Literary Detective”

April 26 Isaac Bashevia Singer “Images and Stories”

1987 Fall Symposium: Understanding Evil (October 23-25)

October 23 Sir Laurens van der Post “The Dark Eye in the World”

October 23 Rollo May “The Essence of Evil”

October 24 Maya Angelou “That Which Lives After Us”

October 24 Jeffrey Burton Russell “The Evil One”

October 24 Philip Hallie “Cruelty: The Empirical Evil”

October 24 Herbert Abrams “The Shadow of Accidental or Unintentional Nuclear  War”

October 24 Chungliang Al Huang “Tai Ji Master”

October 25 M. Scott Peck “The Hope For Healing Human Evil”

October 25 Tony Schwartz “The Sounds of Evil”

October 25 Raul Hilberg “The Holocaust”

October 25 Samuel Proctor “Evil: The Unfulfillment of the Good”

1988 Spring Series: Discovering Age

March 13 Liz Carpenter “Discovering Age”

March 27 Joseph Henderson “Individuation in the Latter Part of Life”

April 10 Ronald Carson “For The Time Being”

April 24 Linus Pauling “How to Improve Your Health With Vitamins”

1988 Fall Series: Creativity: Alive and Well

October 9 Peter and Lisa Ostwald “Schumann”

October 23 Douglass Parker “Places for Anything: Building Imaginary Worlds”

November 6 Edward Albee “Playwrights vs. Theater: Alive and Well”

November 20 Jacques Barzun “Creativity”

1989 Spring Series: The Human Spirit

March 5 Nien Cheung “The Spirit of Survival”

March 11 Stephen Seagaller “Television: Image and Spirit”

March 12 Elaine Pagels “Genesis Stories and Traditional Views of Sexuality, Morality, and Freedom”

April 9 Rose Dobrof “Aging and the Human Spirit”

April 23 Thomas Staley “Composition of the Self: Portrait of James Joyce in His Early Letters”

1989 Fall Series: The Healing Spirit and Religion

October 8 David Miller “Discerning the Spirits: False Prophets and Healers in The Old Age and the New”

October 22 Martin Marty “Religion: That Which Kills Can Heal”

November 19 John Dourley “The Illness That We Are: A Jungian Critique Of Christianity”

December 3 David Kerr “Islam”

1989 Fall Symposium: Closeness (October 25-28)

October 25 Tony Schwartz “Sounds of Closeness” (videotape

October 26 Karl Weick “Organizational Dynamics in Learned Societies”

October 27 Montague Ullman “Image and Symbol: Some Thoughts on Their  Healing Power”

October 28 Kathleen H. Jamieson “Communication: Person to Person and the Media”

1990 Spring Series: Beginnings, Part I

March 11 Richard Pastorella “A New Beginning”

March 25 Annette Baier “Restoring Trust”

April 8 Irving Harris “The First Three Years”

April 22 Elspeth Rostow “Reigniting the Humanities: How to be a Lion Tamer”

1990 Fall Series: Beginnings, Part II

October 7 Denny Zeitlin “Unlocking the Creative Impulse: The Psychology Of Improvisation”

October 14 Albert Sabin “Personal Perspectives on Aging of Individuals and Of Society”

October 21 Hymie Gordon “The Science and Humanity of Heredity”

November 4 Arthur Bell “Plants for Survival: Plants for Pleasure”

November 18 Alessandra Comini “Seeing Where Others Only Look: Some Turning Points in the History of Art”

December 9 John Daido Loori “The 21st Century Mind”

1991 Spring Series: Dream

February 24 Arthur Kornberg “Understanding Life as Chemistry”

March 10 Verena Kast “Fairy Stories and Dreams”

March 24 Betty S. Flowers “Poetry and Dreams”

April 6 Diane Middlebrook “You Taught Me To Dream: The Story of Anne Sexton”

April 7 Carl Djerassi “Ashes and a Dream”

April 20 Merrill Berger “Wisdom of the Dream”

April 21 Stephen Seagaller “Film: Looking Beneath the Surface”

1991 Fall Symposium: Dream: One Third of Your Life (October 25-28)

October 25 John Boorman “Day Dreams”

October 26 Montague Ullman “The Dreamer”

October 26 William Dement “The Dream Is Real While It Lasts”

October 26 Allan Hobson “The Brain’s Dream”

October 26 Steven Weinberg “Dreams of a Final Theory”

October 26 Vera von der Heydt Videotaped interview with Harry Wilmer

October 27 Maxine H. Kingston “You Tell Me Your Dream and I Will Tell You Mine”

October 27 Jerome Kagan “Uncertainties and the Dreams of Children”

October 27 Betty Sue Flowers (Synopsis)

October 28 George Wright “Life Behind the Veil: Dreams of the Blacks  In Southern History”

October 28 Harry Wilmer “Meaning”

Public Lecture:

December 8 John C. Duffy “Leprosy – Myth, Metaphor, and Disease”

1992 Spring Series: First People

March 15 Edmund Carpenter “What Identity? Whose Identity”

March 29 Charles Doran “First Nations in a Transforming World”

April 12 Robin Winks “The First Decolonization: Canada as the First Mother Dominion”

April 26 N. Scott Momaday “Death in a Museum: An Indigenous Identity”

1992 Fall Symposium: First Nations: A Current Event (October 23-25)

October 23 Doreen Jensen “Not Dead, Only Sleeping”

October 23 Bill Reid “Spirit of Haidi Gwaii”

October 24 Olive Dickason “Violence at Oka: An Historical Perspective”

October 24 Lee Maracle “A New Sensibility Beyond Survival: Bridging Cultures”

October 24 Robert Peterson “Inuit Cultural Identity in Greenland and Circumpolar World”

October 24 John Kim Bell “Breaking the Myths of Cultural Evolution”

October 25 Lauren McKiel “First Nations’ Peace & Security: Past, Present, and Future”

October 25 Ellen Bielawski “Indigenous Knowledge in Contemporary Inuit Culture”

October 25 Jeannette Armstrong “Seeking a New World Vision: Native American Philosophy”

October 25 Georges Sioui “Indian Concepts of American Ideas Understanding Native People”

1993 Spring Series: Becoming: The Creative Journey

March 7 Horton Foote “Things Have Ends and Beginnings”

March 21 Harold Stevenson “Raising Children in Asia and the United States”

April 4 Maxine Kumin “Readings”

April 18 Tony Huston “Falconry and the Migrant Writer”

1993 Fall Series: Life’s Continuum: Ethics and Morals

October 10 Barbara Jordan “Ethics and Public Affairs”

October 24 John Gilligan “Ethics and Morals in the Global Arena”

November 7 Michael LaCombe “The Decline of Humanism: Crisis in Medicine”

November 21 Lori Andrews “Policy & Procreation: The Legal Regulations of Reproductive Technologies”

1994 Spring Series: Despair and Hope: Cultural and Ethnic Survival

March 13 David Phillips “International Peacekeeping and the Breakdown Of Diplomacy in Bosnia-Herzogovina”

March 27 Ian Hancock “Gypsies: Romance vs. Reality”

April 17 John Roth “Private Needs, Public Selves: Talking About Religion in America”

April 24 Steven Feld “Voices of the Rain Forest”

1994 Fall Series: Hope: Beyond Survival

October 9 Rick Halperin “The Struggle for Human Rights: The Triumph of Hope”

October 23 Robert Conquest “True and False Internationalism”

November 6 Gilda Cruz-Romo “Music and the Heart”

November 20 George Rupp “The Quest for Community Both Globally and Locally”

1995 Spring Series: Literature and Truth

March 5 Tony Hillerman “Building Books with Navajo Bricks”

March 26 John K. Galbraith “The Imperial Syndrome: The End of an Era”

April 9 Robert Schenkkan “Writing the Other: A Report From the Front Lines Of the Cultural Wars”

April 23 Pamela Marvin “Lee Marvin: Beyond the Silver Screen”

1995 Fall Series: Literature and Truth: Mind and Heart

October 8 Diana Natalicio “Crossing Borders”

October 22 Susan Wolf “Meaningful Lives in a Meaningless World”

November 5 Joseph Brodsky “Readings: The Written Word Comes To Life”

November 19 Max Cleland “Vietnam: Sorry About That”

1996 Spring Series: Renewing Integrity

March 10 John Beebe “Integrity & Depth Psychology”

March 24 Martin Adson “Healing in the Marketplace”

April 14 Robert Berdahl “Integrity in Education”

April 28 Betty Williams “World Peace is Everyone’s Concern”

1996 Fall Series: Integrity: Health and Humanities

October 6 Donald Coffey “DNA, Aging, Cancer & Our Institutions”

October 20 Nancy Andreasen “Creativity, Mood, and Mind”

November 3 Michael Brown “Heart Attacks: When Genes and Environment Collide”

November 17 Paul Berg “Understanding Our Genes: A Legacy For The  Next Millennium”

1997 Spring Series: Quest For Silence

March 9 Patricia Hampl “Silence”

March 23 Lobsang Samten “Tibet”

April 6 Harry Wilmer “Quest For Inner Silence”

April 20 Kathleen Norris “Poetry Is Not Talk; Fathoming the Silence of Words”

1997 Fall Series: Person And The Collective

October 5 Richard Shweder “Varieties of Moral Intelligence: Autonomy, Community, Divinity”

October 26 Chungliang Al Huang “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind: New Ways of`Being for Self-Cultivation”

November 2 Huston Smith “The Universal Truths of Great Religions”

November 16 Richard Wilbur “A Reading of Poems With Informal Commentary”

1998 Spring Series: Civility

March 8 Jim Wallis “The Role of the Church in the Crisis of Civil Society”

March 22 Betty Sue Flowers “A Wild Civility and the Laws of Grace”

April 5 Ruth J. Simmons “Factionalism on Campuses: A Sign of the Times and A Test for the Future”

April 19 Alan Jones “The Democratic Experience and the Lost Art  of conversation”

Harry A. Wilmer III Memorial Lecture

June 7 Jeffrey Burton Russell “A History of Heaven”

1998 Fall Series: The Humane Imagination

October 4 Patrick Duncan “Hollywood and The Humane Imagination”

October 18 Pat Mora “Crossing Borders: Journeys in Spirit”

November 1 Ernesto Cortes “Education, Engagement, and the Civil Society”

November 15 Jean Bethke Elshtain “Is American Democracy on Trial”

1999 Spring Series: Media And American Identity

March 7 James W. Carey “Who Are We: What Are We to Become? American Identity and the Press”

March 21 Barbara Ehrenreich “Spectacle vs. Participation: The Lost Joy of  Community”

April 11 Richard Rodriguez “What Is A Hispanic?”

April 25 Roger Rosenblatt “The Function of Writing in an Age of Pictures”

Harry A. Wilmer III Memorial Lecture

June 20 Martin E. Marty “The Many Senses of ‘Absense’ and the Sense of  Presence: Dealing With Death and Other Separations”

1999 Fall Series: Poverty And The American Experience

October 10 Alex Kotlowitz “Breaking the Silence: Growing Up in Today’s Inner-City”

October 24 Lisa Dodson “Surviving Abuse and Raising Resistance: Hearing the Histories of Women in Poor America”

November 7 William Finnegan “The Birth of a New Class Structure: The  Impoverishment Of Younger Americans”

November 21 Earl Shorris “How To Make The Poor Dangerous”

2000 Spring Series: History and Memory

March 4 Robert Abzug “The Embrace of Community: History, Memory, Identity”

March 5 Robert Abzug “The Holocaust in Memory, 1945-2000”

March 18 Raul Hilberg “The Neighbors”

March 19 Raul Hilberg “Locating Memory in History, Wresting History from Memory”

April 2 Tina Rosenberg “After Dictatorship: The Struggle to Deal With  Past Crimes”

April 14 Eva Hoffman “The Virtues of Remembering, The Merits of Forgetting: Some Perspectives on Problematic Pasts”

April 29 Robert Muller “Fifty Years of World Service: Reflections on Human and Global Achievements and Failures”

April 30 Robert Muller “Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century: Solving  Global Problems, Reforming Global Governance”

Harry A. Wilmer III Memorial Lecture
June    Betty Sue Flowers

2000 Fall Series: History and Memory, Part II

September 30 Philip Joseph Deloria “Negotiating Family Memory: Memories  Collective and Selective”

October 1 Philip Joseph Deloria “When History Meets Genealogy: Slaveowners,  Admirals,Treaty Chiefs, and Disappearing Grandmothers”

October 7 Helen Epstein “The Uses of Historical Memory”

October 8 Helen Epstein “The Importance of Where My Mother Came From”

October 21 Luis Alberto Urrea “Nobody’s Son: Life on the Border of My Heart”

October 22 Luis Alberto Urrea “The Hummingbird of God: Teresita Urrea, the Saint of Cabora”

November 4 Thomas R. Cole “No Color Is My Kind: The Life of Eldrewey Stearns And The Integration of Houston”

November 5 Thomas R. Cole “The Strange Demise of Jim Crow: How Houston Desegregated Its Public Accommodations, 1959-1963.”

2001 Spring Series: Nature and Spirit

March 3 David Lee “All In The Day’s Work”

March 4 David Lee “The Song E.U. Washburn Heard While Tending Roses

Over The Grave of Philemon and Baucis Rojas”

March 17 Mary Evelyn Tucker “A Workshop on the Nature of Confucius”

March 18 Mary Evelyn Tucker “Nature in the World’s Great Religion”

March 31 Ursula Goodenough “Reflections on Nature and Spirit”

April 1 Ursula Goodenough “The Sacred Depths of Nature”

April 21 Linda Hogan “Heritage: Red Clay Stories”

April 22 Linda Hogan “Seeing Through the Sun: Nature and Spirit”

Harry A. Wilmer III Memorial Lecture
June  Ann Ulanoff

2001 Fall Series: Nature and Spirit, Part II

October 6 Pattiann Rogers “Cosmic Nature and the Heart’s Center”

October 7 Pattiann Rogers “The Human Spirit in an Expanding Universe”

October 20 Gary Snyder “Rediscovering Turtle Island”

October 21 Gary Snyder “The Practice of the Wild and Etiquette of Knowledge”

November 3 Gary Nabhan “A Spirit Earthly Enough Tending Tangibly to the Land”

November 4 Gary Nabhan “Good Spelled Green: The Lost Gospels Found in Dead Sea Hyrax Middens”

November 17 Nancy Lord “Why We Need Big, ‘Empty’ Places:

November 18 Nancy Lord “A Hundred Years Across Alaska: What Edward  Harriman Saw and Never Imagined”

2002 Spring Series: Reverence For Life

March 2 Rhena Schweitzer Miller “Albert Schweitzer’s World”

March 3 Rhena Schweitzer Miller “My Father’s Reverence”

March 16 Richard Nelson “Hunting Sacred Game: People and Nature in an Alaskan Indian Community”

March 17 Richard Nelson “Patriotism and the American Land: Freedom,  Responsibility, Allegiance Toward the Earth on Which  We Stand”

April 6 Paul Woodruff “The Reverent Teacher”

April 7 Paul Woodruff “The Renewal of Reverence”

April 20 Scott Russell Sanders “Learning Restraint”

April 21 Scott Russell Sanders “Building Arks”

Harry A. Wilmer III Memorial Lecture

June 2 Thomas B. Kirsch “Jung and the World of Fathers”

2002 Fall Series: Reverence For Life From The View Of Four World Religions

September 28 Seyyed Hossein Nast “Islam and the Reverence for Nature and Life”

September 28 Kamran Aghaie Seminar on Islam

October 12 Arvind Sharma “Why Revere Life”

October 12 Martha Selby Seminar on Hinduism

October 26 Tu Weiming “Reverence For Life in the Confucian Perspective”

October 26 Margherita Zanasi Seminar on Confucianism

October 30 Ron Tyler “Lewis and Clark and the Opening of the West”

November 6 Ron Tyler “John James Audubon’s Birds and Animals

November 9 Marc Ellis “Exile and the New Diaspora: A Jewish Ethical Search  For Reverence For Life in the 21st Century”

November 9 Marc Ellis Seminar on Judaism

November 13 Ron Tyler “Indians as Portrayed by the Artists”

November 20 Ron Tyler “Texas as a Garden: Early Depictions

2003 Spring Series: Commitments: Choice and Consequences

March 22 Saki Santorelli “Knowing Ourselves/Healing Ourselves: A Restorative Day of Mindfulness”

March 23 Saki Santorelli “The Pull of the Soul Toward the Possible: Mindfulness  in Action”

April 1, 8, 15, 22 George Musacchio “Why Be Good? According to C.S. Lewis”

April 5 Don Shewey “Looking in the Rearview Mirror to Find the Broadway Musical’s Future”

April 6 Roger Horchow “From the Post Office to the Box Office”

April 27 Bobby Brown “Baseball: The American Game – Timeless and Perfect”

May 10 Beverly Lowry “The Story of Madam C.J. Walker: Using Research, Experience, Hard Thought, and Imagination to Create A Life”

May 11 Beverly Lowry “Find Robert Burney, the owner of Madam Walker’s  Parents, in Austin Texas!”

Harry A. Wilmer III Memorial Lecture

June 1 Naomi Shihab Nye “The Poetry of Listening”

2003 Fall Series: The Importance of Place

September 27-28 Terry Tempest Williams “Literature of Place”

October 25-26 Robert Breunig, Ph.D “Coming to Love the Land”

November 23 Andrew Light, Ph.D. “Landscapes of Memory”

2004 Harry A. Wilmer II Endowed Lecture

January 25 Drs. Kim and John Van Cura "I Remember It Well: A Lifetime of Music,  Meaning and Memories"

2004 Spring Series: Science and Sprit: Our Place in the Cosmos

March 13-14 Seth Shostak, Ph.D. “The Scientific Search for Alien Life”

March 28 Frank Bash, Ph.D. “A Sense of Place in the Cosmos”

April 24-25 Story Musgrave, M.D. “Beauty, Space and the Human Spirit”

Harry A. Wilmer III Memorial Lectureship

June 6 Abraham Verghese, M.D. "The Search for Meaning in a Medical Life"

2004 Fall Series: The Wisdom Within Us—
Exploring the Mind for Meaning and Understanding

Sept 25-26 Dean Radin, Ph.D. “When Mind and Matter Meet”

Oct. 9, 2004 John Horgan. “Rational Mysticism: Can Science and Spirituality Be  Reconciled?”

Oct. 23-24, 2004 Harry Wilmer, M.D. “The Inner World of Art—The Story of My Yarn  Painting”

Nov. 7, 2004 Huston Smith, PhD. “The Wisdom of Faith”

2005 Spring Series: The Human Edge- Technology, Mankind, and the Future

Michio Kaku.  ”PARALLEL WORLDS, HYPERSPACE, STRINGS AND THE MIND OF GOD” Zvi Yaniv.  "Nanotechnology - The Next, Last Frontier"Benjamin Kuipers. "Artificial Intelligence"Doug Lenat.  "Computers and Common Sense"

John Gearhart  "Biotechnology"

2005 Fall Series:  The Power of Stories

Sept. 24:  Bob Dotson.  “People Who Make A Difference”

Oct. 9:  Betty Sue Flowers. "The Power of Story”

Oct. 22:  “Writing Central Texan’s Lives” – Writing Workshop, 1:30-4:00 pm

Weekend of Nov. 5-6:  A Storytelling weekend with nationally acclaimed storytellers, Elizabeth Ellis, David Holt and Bill Mooney.
Nov. 5, 7 pm:, “Storytelling in Salado;” 
Nov. 6, 5:30: “Stories on Stage;” 

2006 Spring Series:  Deepening the American Dream
February 19, 2006:  Paul R. Loeb.  “Living with Conviction in a Cynical Time”

March 26, 2006:  Admiral Bobby Inman.  “Sustaining the American Dream”

May 6, 2006:  Patricia Limerick.  “Pride Without Vanity: Patriotism in the 21st Century”

2006 Fall Series:  Let Your Life Speak

September 30: Bernard Rapoport.  “Let’s Save Capitalism!” 

October 22: Gregory Pence.  “Adventures in Bioethics.” 

November 5: Thomas Moore  “The Way of the Holy Fool." 

November 12: Turk Pipkin, actor, writer, filmmaker, comedian, screened his film, “Nobelity,” and discussed its production.  
Lecture title: "One Peace at a Time"